Oh my sunshine !!

“It was glorious day and he was like a live SHADOW in the Sunshine “

You are my sunshine

You are the light of my life

Always be on my side

Other people wake up to sunshine

But i wake up to you

You are my sunshine

You are not just a friend

You BRIGHTEN up my life

Now here you are sunshine       through the night

Light in my dark

Even stars burn out but you held the spark

Now here you are to stay

You are my sunshine on a Rainy Day

You make my dull BRIGHT

You make my wrong right

You up my downside

You make my hope

You make my life roll

You know my love grown

You are my sunshine

You make me happy

You put smile on my face

You are my sunshine and i want you to know , that my feeling are true

I really  LOVE you…….


Secret Love !!!

A secret love is beautiful, sweet and sacred when it’s just a light infatuation; but when that person reaches over and touches you in the heart, making it alive in a way it has never known, that secret love becomes frightening, because you can never make them love you, you would never want to make them love you…but all the same, no matter which way you view it, they don’t love you…and your heart doesn’t know how to beat the same. 

I hide my love in field and town Till een the breeze would knock me down, The bees seemed singing ballads oer, The fly’s bass turned a lion’s roar; And even silence found a tongue, To haunt me all the summer long; The riddle nature could not prove Was nothing else but secret love.

We’ve all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep inside you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So you kept it unnoticed. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you!  

   It’s a funny thing secret love. You would change yourself and your whole world just to be with them; just to hear them talk to you makes you feel as though you’re experiencing an epiphany. Just to see them look at you makes you feel as though every speck of what you are is valuable; and to watch them walk in the room, the ordinary, dark boring room and watch it change when they walk in as if they carry a piece of the sun itself in their being, as if now that they’ve arrived the whole world will be okay again. As if having them near would be the nearest thing to heaven you’ve ever known. But they don’t love you and they walk on by each time with a smile, a nod and vanish away from your hungry sight.     

It does good to no woman to be flattered [by a man] who does not intend to marry her; and it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it; and, if discovered and responded to, must lead, ignis-fatuus-like, into miry wilds whence there is no extrication. 

 How flippantly we all treat a secret love, like a joke, something cute, as if it’s just a sweet little thing to pat. But when we are the secret lover, we hold our breath with each word they speak, we long so desperately for their touch, even just brief, we could almost bleed we long for it so. And when they find a lover, we feel like a shadow, longing to be seen as real, until we finally learn we have nothing more to do than to fade away from their light.     

A secret love is beautiful, sweet and sacred when it’s just a light infatuation; but when that person reaches over and touches you in the heart, making it alive in a way it has never known, that secret love becomes frightening, because you can never make them love you, you would never want to make them love you…but all the same, no matter which way you view it, they don’t love you…and your heart doesn’t know how to beat the same..     

Love never grows when its secretly kept locked in our hearts. Love will only find its fulfillment when it finds it’s way out and dwells in the heart of that person destined to keep it.     
One sweet, sad secret holds my heart in thrall; A mighty love within my breast has grown, Unseen, unspoken, and of no one known; And of my sweet, who gave it, least of all.     

Thnkuh 💕

Her untold feelings !!!

She starts in her soliloquy by worrying about his name and how his name is her enemy , not himself .

Once they see each other, she declares her love when she says , ” My bounty is a soundless as the sea , My love as deep; the more i give to them , the mor i have for both are infinite  “. 

Shortly after this , she and ROMEO decide that they will get married as soon as possible  , with no worries  about the future or their families feud……..

Thank you ❤️

Ghost Dreams: What do They Mean?!

A Haunted Dream Interpretation…

What do ghost dreams mean? I’ve been asked this question quite a few times over the years. Unfortunately, most people believe that ghost dreams are a bad omen of some kind.  Most people believe either:

  1. Someone they know is going to die.
  2. Someone they know who HAS died is trying to get a message .

Actually, you’ll be relieved to know that neither is the case.  When one dreams of ghosts, the dream interpretation is actually simple. Think about one of the main words we associate with ghosts: HAUNTED.

Dreaming of a ghost (or ghosts) indicates that the dreamer is haunted by something in his or her life.  They could be haunted by guilt, they could be haunted by unfulfilled dreams, or they could be haunted by memories.  These types of things “haunt” most of us, at least to some extent.  However, some people have unresolved issues concerning these “haunts.”  If you dream of ghosts, it’s probable that something you may have thought was in the past isn’t “so” in the past after all.

The subconscious mind tries to “sort things out” while we’re sleeping. If you have had one or more dreams about ghosts, your subconscious mind is trying to make sense of (or sort out) something that haunts you.

Only the dreamer knows for certain. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re trying to get in touch with your dream’s meaning, below are a few tips that’ll help you – whether your dream was visited by ghosts or not:

  • Get in a quiet place with absolutely no distractions.  You don’t want anything causing your mind to wander while it’s trying to figure out your dreams.
  • Clear your mind of any stray thoughts or worries.
  • Breath deeply and focus all of your energy on the interpretation of your dream.

If other people are in the house, one of the best spots to reflect upon your dreams may be an unusual place: The shower or bathtub!  Think about it – people are less likely to disturb you here than anywhere else.

Finally, please keep in mind that dreams are not omens.  That’s it……

Are Selfies Selfish?

an be a very selfish thing. In the old days, people would take pictures to share with others what they saw. “Look, here is a beautiful flower!” “A historic building!” But now that’s not enough. It’s as if we need to add ourselves to everything. The focus is not on the flower or the landmark; it’s me, and something else in the background.

But focusing on yourself can sometimes be a good thing.

We’ve begun the seven weeks of Sefirat HaOmer, when we count the days from Passover to Shavuot, and each day is another step in a process of self-refinement. For 49 days we are to take our personality and examine it closely, repairing the broken parts and perfecting the good ones. Each week focuses on another one of the seven facets of our personality, and each day focuses on one subfacet.

And when we do it, it’s perfectly fine to share with others as well, if that will propel you or them forward.

Use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to tell the world about your personal journey, and encourage them to join you.

Think you ……😇😇😇😇

True lies!!!

A false lie would be the truth if a true lie is an untruth 

People also say ‘actual fact’ when in fact there is no such thing, as a fact must be true to be a fact in the first place.the truthness with which you believe a lie to be true. Doing wrong things for right purpose.

Real Eyes Realise Real Lies

A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

1) something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture:

For example :-

His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

1) the charge or accusation of telling a lie:

He flung the lie back at his accusers.

Golden Rules of love!!!

1. Love honestly

What you give is what you get. If you love someone honestly, you will be loved by someone honestly. If you cheat someone in the name of love, you will be screwed for sure. Pakka!!

2. Love Yourself

Love yourself for what you are. ‘You‘ are the most unique person in this Universe. So don’t underestimate yourself.

3. Love your Parents

Parents are the living forms of The Almighty. Come what may, Always be affectionate towards your parents. Because of them, you are in this position.

Reality of life!!

Your reality is “the” reality.

No one else than you can tell what is real and what is not. Is what you see real ? Is what you feel real ? Are we all in some sort of Matrix ? Is there an evil genius that makes you think that you are even real ?

I would like to present you an awesome guy : Sir Descartes.

Here is a very famous quote :

cogito ergo sum

which means “I think, therefore I am” (“I am” meaning “I exist”). When you doubt about everything, including whether you exist or not, you have this thought. A thought. So at least you are producing something, and even if it is not you that is producing it, you are related to this thought so if this thought exists you exist. So by questioning your existence you proved your existence. You could say you are “real”.

Let’s start from that. You are real. What can you extend this to ? Well, too bad for you, you can’t.

This can even be extended to things you haven’t experienced, but you know their existence. For instance take any mythological character. At the very moment you have heard their name, even if they have never “existed” (as “lived on Earth”), they “exist” (as “they have a substance”). Basically, you could say that every idea “exists”.

Now this is troublesome. You can say that everything is real. Dragons are real. The Moon is real. Magic is real. Your house is real. Demons are real. You can’t really tell the difference … or can we ? As you can see, I previously used a trick. I used twice the same word, but with different meanings (e.g. “exist”). Here is the breach in your question : what do you mean by “real” ?

Real : what you can reach.

Can you touch the wall in front of you ? Can you see your family ? Can you smell this delicious steak (or salad if you’re veg, no big deal) ? Can you listen to others ? Can you hear your voice in your head ? Can you feel your heartbeat ? Can you feel that you are alive ?

Reality is a matter of present. Everything that is real is something you perceive in the moment.

Even things that appear not to be real later may have been real before for you. Random example : if you learn that you have been adopted, you could say that your father is not your “real” father, but before knowing you could have felt like it was ; in the end you can continue to think of him as your “real” father (let’s not go too deep in this twisted example, I guess you got my point).

People like magicians play on this, making you experience a reality that is different of their reality. I would not say it is “fake”, this is would be too narrow-minded.

Thanks for reading. I am not a pro philosophe or anything, but I wanted to share my point of view since I love stories that messes up with the concept of reality. Not the best cultural reference maybe, but I rzally like a quote from Sword Art Online :

What is the difference between the real world and a virtual world ? The quantity of data.