Oh my sunshine !!

“It was glorious day and he was like a live SHADOW in the Sunshine “

You are my sunshine

You are the light of my life

Always be on my side

Other people wake up to sunshine

But i wake up to you

You are my sunshine

You are not just a friend

You BRIGHTEN up my life

Now here you are sunshine       through the night

Light in my dark

Even stars burn out but you held the spark

Now here you are to stay

You are my sunshine on a Rainy Day

You make my dull BRIGHT

You make my wrong right

You up my downside

You make my hope

You make my life roll

You know my love grown

You are my sunshine

You make me happy

You put smile on my face

You are my sunshine and i want you to know , that my feeling are true

I really  LOVE you…….



6 Replies to “Oh my sunshine !!”

  1. Do this… Click on My Sites (top left)
    Check for the item .. “Themes” and “Customize”
    On the right side view, look for your Text widget … and click “Edit” button that should bring up the editor where you can either delete them or edit the text.
    Make sure to click “Save and publish” after that. Hope this helps. 🙂

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