What love is ???

If you think , long late night chats  are love .. Then may be its wrong …!!!! Beacause two peep’s whor alone can also talk for the sake of their lonelyness…

If you think a girl hold your hand by seeing another girl and you also did the same thing AND you think this cute jealousy is love .. Then may be its wrong . Because  people catch birds to snatch their freedom ….!!!!

 If you think you two are much efficient to understand one anothers feelings and this is love .. Then may be its not .!! Beacuse two hungry people are also understand thir feelings but they failed to fullfill their needs ….!!!!

If you think you both are the characters of same story And you think this is love .. Then my dear may be it’s  not.!!! Because we can’t save love in filters but love is to live your story …!!!

But if you want to discover their soul instead of their body , if that stupid wants to waste their life for you , if she opens her secrets infront of you before she open her clothes and you to did the same  , if their tears only rolls on your shirt and your happiness is her/his life Dream .. Then my dear it is  LOVE  ….!!!

Thankyou ❤️


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