Say no to Explainations !!!

When ever we do something  and people get to know about it they ask for explainations that why we are doing this … They never think that its our choice to do this .. What they do is puting their perception their choices on us . They say ” you are wrong ,  i m right listen to me , forget about your thinking ” why we have to act like a body withoul soul ……. Why we follow their instructions when the life we are living its our .. The dreams we follow its our .. We do things to satisfy our feelings not their  then why we have to explaining them when our lives are different , our choices , interest , feelings everything is soo different … Why everyone wants to interfair in our lives …. You have to think about it because whenever you explained about something to someone the value of your choices is started decreasing .. Giving explaination to anyone is simply defines that you are doubting yourself……. So stop eplaining yourself AND start beleiving yourself …..

Thanku ❤️❤️


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