Privacy is not the most important right …

Privacy is actually defined as the right to be left alone or not to share your belongings with others . These belongings may include your information , your matters , your truth , and your secrets .

The right of privacy is important for free people . This is a fundamental human right and it should be available by everyone without any fear or hesitation .

In the interest of safety and national security sometimes privacy is valid because its the matter of our nation safety . The right of life , without fear is important right  .

In our society if a person is full of suprises then people take more interest to findout the secret of that person . But if the person is not doing any wrong work then they have no fear of opening up .

Its just the matter of understanding . Sometimes privacy is not become the most important thing  because it will give you freedom . If a person is without privacy then he or she has no fear .

If the watchdog is keeps on watching you , you can’t get out of your house & you can’t explore  the things .  

Security is necessary for things but privacy is destroy the space of showing yor feelings , happiness and it never give you that satisfaction which you need in your life . 

Practically their is no warrent that other people should watch or interfere in others work . But if the man was doing right then their is no way tp fear . Its your life and you have right to do what you want . No work has right to intrupt in your work , your life …….

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